SciFi that first aired on this date: March 14

Celebrate their anniversary by re-watching or discovering something new.

Star Trek TNG

1992 – The Outcast

Star Trek DS9

1993 – Move Along Home

Babylon 5

1995 – And the Sky Full of Stars


2003 – We’re So Screwed: Part 3: La Bomba

Trivia Questions

This week’s theme: Stargate Atlantis

What scientist does Rodney have a friendly rivalry with?
Dr Zelenka
What member of the Atlantis team carries Wraith DNA?

Daily Cartoon

Cartoon Source: Starlog Magazine

Daily Fortune

Helping you acquire fortune one rule at a time.

Rule #80: If it works, sell it. If it works well, sell it for more.
If it doesn’t work, quadruple the price and sell it as an antique.