Celebrate the holidays with Star Trek themed drinks

Today’s Recipe: Warp Core Breach


4.5 oz Bacardi Superior (or any white rum)
3 oz Bacardi Limon (or any lemon rum)
1.5 oz Bacardi Select (or any dark rum)
1.5 oz Bacardi Spice (or any spice rum)
1.5 oz Dekuyper Lucious Raspberry Rush
.75 oz Bacardi 151 (or any 151 proof rum)
If available 30 oz Aceorla/passion berry juice. If not substitute for 30 oz (1.5 bottles) Sobe Power.
Dry ice (optional for effect)


  1. Mix the alcohol and pour into a bowl
  2. Add the 30 oz of juice or Sobe Power
  3. Add food-grade dry ice for breach effect. (optional)

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