Season: 4

Original Airdate: November 11, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Kevin James Dobson

Guest Stars
Damian London As Minister Milo Virini
Jeffrey Willerth As Ambassador Ulkesh
Wayne Alexander As Lorien
Wortham Krimmer As Emperor Cartagia of the Centauri Republic
Anthony De Longis As Harry
Rick Scarry As Centauri

Synopsis: While on another planet investigating Garibaldi’s disappearance, G’Kar is found by Centauri and taken to Emperor Cartagia on Centauri Prime. After being tortured and imprisoned, he and Londo come to an agreement that if G’Kar helps remove Cartagia from the throne, Mollari will guarantee the freedom of the Narn homeworld. Delenn mourns the loss of Sheridan, until Franklin shares a message that Sheridan left before his disappearance. She is then encouraged to lead the remaining Army of Light forces in an attack on Z’Ha’Dum. On Z’Ha’Dum, Lorien guides Sheridan in those moments between tick and tock.

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Notable Quotes

G’kar: Hell, I suppose I should be appreciate your concern. Compassion is a rare commodity these days.

Delenn: My fast will continue. If John does not return from Z’ha’dum, if he’s … if he’s dead, then my soul will join, even if I can not. And as I promised him long ago, I will see him again in a place where no shadows fall.

Lorien: Who are you.
Sheridan: How did you know about it.
Lorien: It’s a dangerous question, isn’t it? There is never a good answer.

Sheridan: The first obligation of prisoner is to escape.
Lorien: Ah, So if one is a prisoner of love, one must escape to solitude? If one is a prisoner to joy, must one escape to sadness.

Emperor Cartagia: And you! Have you anything to say?
G’kar: Do you by any chance happen to know where Mr. Garibaldi might be.
Emperor Cartagia: Who.

Lorien: Step into the abyss … and let go.
Sheridan: It’s getting darker.
Lorien: I know … you’re close friend, very close. It’s easy to find something worth dying for, do you have anything worth living for?
Sheridan: I can’t see you anymore.
Lorien: As it should be.
Sheridan: What if I fall? How will I know if you’ll catch me.
Lorien: I caught you before.
Sheridan: If I die.
Lorien: I cannot create life … but I can breathe on the remaining embers. It may not work.
Sheridan: But I can hope.
Lorien: Hope … is all we have. Do you have anything worth living for?
Delenn: Sleep now, I will watch and catch you if you should fall.
Sheridan: Delenn.

G’kar: (to Londo) If I remove the monster from your throne, you will remove the monster from my world. Leave Narn.

Marcus: It’s a Minbari fighting pike, several hundreds years old. Your just jealous, because you don’t have one. Bad case of pikal envy if you ask me.

Lorien: You can’t turn away from death simply, because you’re afraid of what might happen without you. That’s not enough. You’re not embracing life, you’re fleeing death. So you’re caught in between. Unable to go forward or backward. Your friends need what you can be when you are no longer afraid. When you know who you are, and why you are, and what you want … When you are no longer looking for reasons to live … but can simply be.
Sheridan: I can’t … I don’t know how to do that.
Lorien: And I can not help you, and you will be caught forever in between. You must let go … surrender yourself to death. The death of flesh, the death of fear. Step into the abyss and let go.

Lorien: Tick your alive, tock … well it was a good life, but short. Tick, tock, tick, tock

Sheridan: If you are falling off a cliff, you may as well try to fly. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Marcus: Wakey, Wakey, I’m here with your weather report for the evening. I see rain, lighting, thunder, and your head nailed to that wall over there, if you don’t tell me what my friend and I need know.

Lorien: Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? Who are you?.

G’kar: If you’re going to be worried every time the universe doesn’t make sense, you’re going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your natural life.

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