Season: 3

Original Airdate: May 20, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
Michael O’Hare As Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair
Kent Broadhurst As Major Krantz
Kevin Fry As Centauri Guard
Tim Choate As Zathras
Bruce Morrow As B4 First Officer
Eddie Mui As B4 Tech

Synopsis: As Sheridan continues to be unstuck in time on Centauri Prime, Marcus, Ivanova, Zathras, Delenn, and Sinclair work to prepare Babylon 4 for its travel to the past. Sinclair reveals that he will not be returning to the present, for someone has to be on Babylon 4 when they deliver it to the Minbari. He uses a Chrysalis machine provided by Zathras and undergoes a change… to become a full Minbari called Valen.

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Notable Quotes

Zathras: All Mimbari belief is around three. Three castes: Worker, Warrior, religious. Three languages: Light, Dark, and Gray. The nine of the gray council, three times three. All is three, as you are three, as you are one, as you are the one. You are the one who was (Sinclair). You are the one who is (Delenn). You are the one who will be (Sheridan). You are the beginning of the story (Sinclair) and the middle of the story (Delenn), and the end of story (Sheridan), that creates the next great story. In your heart you know what Zathras says is true.

Londo: We all have our keepers, you see?

Ivanova: Marcus we are stealing a station to fight in a war that was over thousand years ago. We are all mad.

Marcus: Dear god, a Minbari not born of Minbari.

Zathras: Zathras is oldest living caretaker of great machine. One hundred ten years old. ha ha.

Delenn: John, listen to me. Do not go to Z’ha’dum.

Sinclair: (as Valen) I welcome you and present this place to you as a gift. I am called Valen and we have much work ahead of us.

Londo: My life is almost over. My world, all I hoped for, gone. You two are my last chance, for this place, for my people, for my own redemption.

Zathras: No one ever listens to Zathras. Quite mad they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. Has even grown to like it. Oh, yes.

Londo: There is the legacy of your war! The price we paid when you abandoned us to the enemies you escaped from!
Sheridan: This couldn’t have happened, not in this amount of time. What year is this?
Londo: This is the last year, and the last day, and the last hour of your life. Seventeen years since you began your great crusade, seventeen!

Delenn: The war is never completely won. There are always new battles to be fought against the darkness, only the names change. But we achieved everything, we set out to achieve. We created something, that will endure for a thousand years. But the price John, the terrible, terrible price.

Delenn: Then take these words back to the past. Treasure the moments you have; savor them for as long as you can, for they will never came back again.

Londo: We have unfinished business between us, G’kar. Let’s us make and end of it quickly.

Zathras: Can not run out of time. There is infinite time. You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is wrong tool. No. No, not good. No. No. Never use this.

Delenn: It was the strangest feeling. I think the way you describe it is, as if someone had just walked over my grave.

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