Season: 1

Original Airdate: May 23, 1994

Writer(s): Larry DiTillio

Director(s): John C. Flinn III

Guest Stars
James Jude Courtney As Gyor
Lenore Kasdorf As ISN Reporter
Michael McKenzie As Migo
Robert Phalen As Andrei Ivanov
Theodore Bikel As Rabbi Koslov
Don Stroud As Caliban
Soon-Tek Oh As The Muta-Do

Synopsis: Garibaldi’s friend, the former prize fighter Walker Smith, arrives on B5 ready to participate in the Mutai, an alien fight. Ivanova’s uncle, a rabbi, visits to try and persuade her to sit Shiva for her deceased father. After initial protestations and with much reluctance, she relents and makes peace with his memory.

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Notable Quotes

Ivanova: I’m ready to go back on duty, Sir.
Sinclair: Good. I’ve had my fill of double shifts.
Ivanova: Perhaps you remember that next time Ms. Sakai visit the station…

Ivanova: My feelings are my own. And how I display them…or not…it’s my choice.

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