Season: 4

Original Airdate: November 18, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): John McPherson

Guest Stars
Eric Zivot As Verano
Ron Campbell As Ambassador #1
Wayne Alexander As Lorien
William Scudder As Ambassador #2

Synopsis: Ivanova and Marcus take a White Star to try to find First Ones to join in the Army of Light’s attack on Z’Ha’Dum. Delenn is notified of a rally against the planned attack. Zack is tipped off to Garibaldi’s whereabouts, and leads a small fleet of ships to find him. Garibaldi doesn’t remember any details from the previous two weeks. The new Vorlon ambassador has been hurting Lyta as he inhabits her body. The White Star happens across a Vorlon fleet sneaking about in hyperspace. Later Susan and Marcus discover that a planet which was home to a Shadow base has been totally destroyed by the Vorlons. Lyta tells them that the Vorlons are leading an attack against all the worlds that have been contaminated by the Shadows. Cartagia becomes obsessed with torturing G’Kar until he can get some kind of reaction from the Narn. This strengthens Londo’s and Vir’s resolve to remove the Emperor from the throne. Lorien and Sheridan return to the station, which changes the minds of those opposing the attack on the Shadows.

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Notable Quotes

Drazi Ambassador: We thought you were dead.
Sheridan: I was. I’m better now.

Ivanova: What’s next on the list.
Marcus: Sector 87 by 20 by 42. At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather godlike in the area, and since neither you nor I were there, it must be one of the first ones.
Ivanova: Your having delusions of grandeur again.
Marcus: Well, if you’re gonna have delusions, you may as well go for the really satisfying ones.

Vir: Remember, what I said before, about there must be another way, I was wrong. Kill him.

Sheridan: The ambassador is correct. I went to Z’ha’dum. I’ve seen the face the enemy. They’re not gods and they’re not indestructible. I fought them and I’ve killed many of them and I’ve survived. There is a way out of this, a way to stop this insanity once and for all. Now Delenn’s fleet is a start. Now we have to build on it. Together we will form the largest fleet in history, not just for a battle, but to change the shape of the galaxy. Not just for ourselves, but for our children, and our children’s children. You tell your governments, that the only man to survive Z’ha’dum, sends this message. We can end this, not just for now, not just for the next thousand years, but forever! I stand before you as proof that it can be done. We can fight and we can win, but only if we do it together! Can I count on you?. (a few cheers from the crowd) Can I count on you?! Will you stand together?. (lots of cheers from the crowd)

Marcus: I’m picking something up.
Ivanova: A unicorn.

Emperor Cartagia: I know, I made a present of him to you, Mollari, but if I don’t get my scream, he’ll have to be killed. You do understand, don’t you.

Emperor Cartagia: Proceed. One (Whip cracks), two (whip cracks), …….. thirty nine (Whip cracks)
G’kar: (Screams)

Marcus: Anyone special waiting for you back home.
Ivanova: No, not anymore. You?
Marcus: Someone. She doesn’t know it yet.
Ivanova: That’s a strange way to pursue a relationship.
Marcus: I supose so. I want this thing to go right. I want it to be special.
Ivanova: Ah, a romantic. I don’t think I felt that way since the … first time.
Marcus: That’s what I’m talking about.
Ivanova: You mean you don’t, … you haven’t?
Marcus: Yes.
Ivanova: You’re ah … ”
Marcus: Exactly.
Ivanova: With anyone.
Marcus: Never meet the right person before.

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