Season: 4

Original Airdate: November 4, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): David J. Eagle

Guest Stars
Damian London As Minister Milo Virini
Ed Wasser As Mr. Morden
Wayne Alexander As Lorien
Wortham Krimmer As Emperor Cartagia of the Centauri Republic
Rick Ryan As Brakiri Ambassador

Synopsis: The allies of Babylon 5, convinced that the Shadow war is over and that John Sheridan is dead, stop supplying ships to the Army of Light. Delenn continues a vigil for John, and Ivanova is in shock over the loss of him and Garibaldi. Londo realizes that the new Emperor, who has struck a deal with the Shadows to use Centauri Prime as a base, is mad. He enlists Vir’s help in removing him from the throne. Morden survived the blast on Z’Ha’Dum, though he is injured. G’Kar sets out to find Garibaldi. The new Vorlon is keeping something from Lyta. Ivanova, Delenn, Lyta, and Lennier take a White Star to Z’Ha’Dum to attempt a rescue. Sheridan, still alive below the planet’s surface, meets a mysterious alien.

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Notable Quotes

Emperor Cartagia: The Emperor is the soul of the people. The center of this republic. This whole world may parish, the emperor goes on, we go on. The first emperors, the greatest of us, were themselves proclaimed deities by the ancient gods, in exchange for loyalty. They became immortal. Their names revived for generations to come. Prays offer up to them even in the temples today and now, now these gods of old have returned. And through them, I will become a god myself! That is my destiny! I’ve known it all my life. It’s what I was born for. And when the time comes, Mollari, the people will gladly lay down their lives, so that I maybe elevated to godhood. What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god. And when I become a god, I will forgive you your rudeness, Mollari. Then my capacities will be infinite. For now, I will simply try to forget it.

Lennier: Initiating… getting the hell out of here maneuver

Ivanova: Have you ever heard of the hour of the wolf.
Lyta: No.
Ivanova: My father taught me about it. It’s the time between three and four in the morning. You can’t sleep and all you can see is the troubles, and the problems, and the ways that your life should have gone, but didn’t. All you can hear is the sound of your own heart.

Ivanova: At times like this, My father used to take one large glass of vodka before bed, to kept the wolf away he said. Then he would take three very small drinks of vodka, just in case she had cubs while she was waiting outside.

Ulkesh: No one returns from Z’ha’dum.

Londo: I can only assume you have not been paying attention.

G’kar: It is now seven days, since we lost Captain Sheridan and Mr. Garibaldi. In a way, I think we have also lost Ivanova. It is as thought her heart has been pierced and her spirit has poured out their the wound. She blames herself. It is foolish. It is destructive. It is … human. Ambassador Mollari has returned to Centauri Prime, to take up his role as advisor on planetary security. I suppose he is quite happy with his new position. It is what he always wanted, power, title, responsibility. I think he is more alone then anyone else in the Universe. Delenn has refused to eat for seven days, fasting, praying, and waiting. Delenn believes, I think she is the only one who does. The shadows have paused in their pursuit of war and every where there is a sense of imminent change. Whether it is a change for good or ill, no one can tell, because no one has answered to very important questions. Where is Mr. Garibaldi … and what happened to Captain Sheridan at Z’Ha’Dum.

Morden: I’m just a … Shadow of my former self.

Sheridan: Who are you.
Lorien: Who are you.
Sheridan: How did I get here.
Lorien: You were born.
Sheridan: Why am I alive.
Lorien: Well, that is the question, isn’t it.

Zack: When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter what I think either way.
G’kar: Our thoughts form the universe. They always matter.

Londo: Vir, it is a terrible truth, but as one accumulates power, one loses friends. One only has those who wish to use you and those you wish to use, and yet in all of this you have somehow managed to walk through the corridors of power and not be touched. I can only assume you have not been paying attention. And still the hideous truth is you are the closest thing I have to a friend. I am as shocked and dismayed at this as you are, but still, there it is.

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