Season: 1

Original Airdate: May 2, 1994

Writer(s): Marc Scott Zicree

Director(s): Jim Johnston

Guest Stars
David Austin Cook As Special Agent #1
Robin Wake As Young Lianna
Rod Perry As General Netter
Tom Donaldson As Cutter
David L. Crowley As Officer Lou Welch

Synopsis: While B5 prepares for a visit by Earth Alliance President Santiago, an explosion seriously damages one of the Cobra bays. Garibaldi is implicated in the accident by a dying man and has to fight against the head of Presidential security, who also blames him for her father’s death years ago.

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Notable Quotes

G’kar: The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: energy, matter, and enlighten self interest. Unless you comphend that fact and soon. You will be cornered and caged. They will destroy you.

Londo: Mr. Garibaldi, do you really think that I would do such a thing to you, my good and dear friend?
Garibaldi: In a minute.
Londo: You’re right, but I didn’t …

Garibaldi: Commander, I sense a huge pay raise coming my way.
Sinclair: (laughing) Dream on.

Ivanova: I’m a Lieutenant Commander in Earth Force, Major. I do not take demands. If you have a request, I’ll consider it.
Kemmer: Very well then, I request that you open a channel to Earth Dome.
Ivanova: Request denied. Have a nice day.

Sinclair: Your more trouble then a toilet full of snakes, but I could not run this station without you.

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