Season: 5

Original Airdate: November 25, 1998

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Guest Stars
Claudia Christian As General Susan Ivanova
Wayne Alexander As Lorien
David Wells As Commander William Nils
Romy Rosemont As Publicist
Sharon Annett As Mary Garibaldi
Dan Sachoff As Aide
Kent Minault As Captain of the Guard
Lair Torrent As Ranger

Synopsis: The year is 2281. The place is the Alliance headquarters on the Minbari homeworld. Sheridan has been dreaming of Lorien’s statement that he will only have 20 more years left to live. He senses that the time is at hand, so he calls his closest friends to Minbar for one last gathering. Garibaldi comes from Mars where he still heads Edgars industries. Franklin comes indirectly from Earth where he continues his xenobiological research. General Ivanova also travels from Earth, where she is unhappy in her job and her life, and Emperor Cotto is summoned from Centauri Prime. During dinner together they toast their friends who are no longer with them: Londo, G’Kar, Lennier, and Marcus. After dinner, Delenn who is now the elected President of the Alliance offers Sheridan’s position as Entil’Zha to Susan. That evening in bed, John tells Delenn that the next day he will go out for a drive, that he should feel space under him again, and that is the way he should die. He travels to the 25-year-old Babylon 5 and takes one last look around, where is surprised to find Zack and not many others. The station is to be decommissioned very soon. Then Sheridan leaves the station for Coriana 6, where the Shadow War ended. The ship alerts him that the pilot’s lifesigns are fading, and then Lorien himself appears beside Sheridan. There is a flash of light, and the bridge is empty. Sheridan has been taken beyond the Rim. Later, the last of the Babylon stations is officially decommissioned. An explosion rips her from one end to the other while representative ships from every Alliance world look on. A shuttle flies out of the bay doors as the explosion begins, thus fulfilling Lady Ladira’s prophecy foretold in Signs & Portents.

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Notable Quotes

Garibaldi: The Interstellar alliance, based on the homeworld of the Minbari federation, was founded in the Earth year 2261, Shortly after the end of the shadow war twenty years ago. Twenty years of history. Those of us, who survived, have seen it all and those of us, who understand, have been waiting and dreading the arrival of this day.

Sheridan: A Toast … to absent friends in memory still bright.
Garibaldi: G’kar.
Vir: Londo.
Delenn: Lennier.
Franklin: Mar…
Ivanova: Marcus.

Ivanova: I’ve buried so many friends, Delenn. I’m beginning to resent it and I don’t want to. Seems like some days, there is no one left to play with. There is no joy anymore.

Sheridan: Lorien.
Lorien: Did you think we had forgotten you? We have been waiting for you.
Sheridan: Beyond the rim.
Lorien: Yes.

Sheridan: Good night, my love, the brightest star in my sky.
Delenn: Good night, you, my sky, and my sun, and my moon.

Vir: You know, Londo, never liked the Pak’mar’a. I mean, they’re stubborn, lazy, obnoxious, greedy …
Garibaldi: Kind of look like an octopus that got run over by a truck.
Vir: That too. But, one day Londo and I were walking pass their quarters and we heard them singing.
Sheridan: Singing? They can sing.
Franklin: Well, there is nothing about that in the lecture.
Vir: Apparently it is something they only do certain times of the year as part of their religious ceremonies. You may not believe this, but it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. I could not make out the words but I knew that it was full of sadness, and hope and wonder, and terrible sense of lost. I … I looked at Londo and this is the amazing part, there was a tear running down his face. I said, Londo we should leave this is up setting you. He just stood there and listened. And when it was over, he turned to me and said, there are forty-nine gods in our pantheon Vir. To tell you truth, I never really believed in any of them. But if only one of them exists, then god sings with that voice. It’s funny, after everything we had been through, all he did, …. I miss him.

Zack: A quarter million people coming and going, every day for 25 years. Every part of this station has somebody’s fingers prints on it, layers and layers of peoples lives.

Sheridan: When I was a kid, every sunday dad would take us out for a drive. We never knew where we were going, that was half the fun. We just go. He’d say, pick a direction and one of us would point, off we’d go.

Sheridan: Can I come back.
Lorien: No. This journey is ended. Another begins. Time to rest now.

Delenn: I decided to go out in search of the same air molecules you were looking for. In the theory that if they were good enough to lurer out of our bed, I should invesigate my competition.

Sheridan: I just want to sit here, and watch the sun come up. It occured to me, that in all my time here, I have never done that. I want to know what it looks like when it comes up over the horizion, so I can carry a picture of it in my head.

Sheridan: Well, look at that, the sun’s coming up.

Lorien: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Where are you going.

Ivanova: Babylon 5 was last of the babylon stations. They would never be another. It changed the future and it changed us. It taught us that we have to create the future or others will do it for us. It showed us that we have to care for one other, because if we don’t, who will? And that true strength sometimes comes from the most unlikely of places. Mostly, though I think it gave us hope that there can always be new begins, even for people like us. As for Delenn, every morning for as long she lived, Delenn got up before dawn and watched the sun came up.

Ivanova: An expedition to coronis space found Sheridan’s ship a few days later, but they never found him. All the air locks were sealed, but there was no trace of him inside. Some of the Minbari believe he will come back some day, but I never say him again in my life time.

Narrator: An now for you that have been archiving this ISN special documentary, the people responsible. Funding for this program was possible by grants from the Anlashok memorial fund.

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