Season: 1

Original Airdate: May 16, 1994

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Janet Greek

Guest Stars
Douglas E. McCoy As Fighter #2
Ed Wasser As Mr. Morden
Robert Silver As Reno
Anita Brabec As Dome Tech #3
Fredi Olster As Lady Ladira
Garry Kluger As Man
Hector Mercado As Pilot
Lee Mathis As Fighter #1
Whip Hubley As Raider #1

Synopsis: The Centauri Lady Ladiera and her nephew, Lord Kiro, visit B5. The Lady has visions of the station’s destruction and warns that her companion that he will be killed by shadows. An enigmatic human named Mr. Morden visits each ambassador and asks the question, “What do you want?” Seekers working for Londo finally locate the Centauri relic The Eye, which has been missing for several years. After Londo gives it to Kiro for return to their homeworld, Raiders destroy Kiro’s ship, and Londo fears the Eye is lost forever. Ambassador Kosh’s encounter suit is mysteriously damaged during the confusion on the station. Morden later presents Londo with the artifact and promises that the ambassador will one day be able to return the favor.

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Notable Quotes

Morden: The question is it’s own purpose, ambassador Delenn. What do you want?
Delenn: I’m informed that you have just seen Ambassador G’kar. Are you asking each of us this question?
Morden: Perhaps. Does that invalid the question?
Delenn: No, but it makes me wonder.

Londo: How can I ever find you to thank you?!
Morden: We will find you Ambassador. We will find you.

Kosh: Leave this place, they are not for you. Go. Leave, Now!

Lady Ladira: The Shadows have come for Lord Kiro. The Shadows have come for us all.

Ivanova: I’ve always had a hard time getting when it dark outside.
Sinclair: But in space, it’s always dark.
Ivanova: I know… I know.

Ivanova: Why does my mouth always taste like old carpet in the morning?
B5 computer: Unknown. Checking medical log.

Morden: What do you want?

Londo: (door bell) Whoever it is go away. (Door bell) All right … all right, what’s one more annoyance? Enter.

Morden: What do you want?
G’Kar: What do I want? The Centauri striped my world. I want Justice.
Morden: But what do you want?
G’kar: To suck the morrow from their bones and grind their skulls to powder.
Morden: What do you want?
G’kar: To tear down their cities, blacken their skies, sow their ground with salt, to completely utterly erase.
Morden: And then what?
G’kar: I don’t know. As long as my home world’s safety is guaranteed, I don’t know that it matters.
Morden: I see.

Morden: What do you want?
Londo: I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want to see the Centauri stretch forth their hand again and command the stars. I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power. I want to stop running through my life, like a man late for an appointment afraid to look back or to look forward. I want us to be what we used to be. I want … I want it all back, the way that it was. Does that answer your question ?

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