Season: 3

Original Airdate: April 1, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): David J. Eagle

Guest Stars
Rance Howard As David Sheridan
Bruce McGill As Major Ed Ryan
James Parks As Drakhen
Matthew Robert Gottlieb As ISN Reporter #2
Phil Morris As Bill Trainor

Synopsis: Several Earth Alliance colonies cede from the Alliance, and Babylon 5 is forced to join them. Delenn splits the Grey Council. Sheridan shares a vidphone call with his father. Babylon 5 is the site of a major space battle against other Earth Alliance forces.

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Notable Quotes

Delenn: The council has lost it’s way. If it will not lead. If we have abandoned our covenant with Valen, then the council shall be broken, as was prophesied! We must stand with the others now, before it is to late! Between the worker caste and the religious caste, we control two thirds of our forces. To you, I say, listen to the voice of your conscience. Break the council and come with me. Our time of isolation is over. We move now, together, or not at all!

Delenn: We stand between the candle and the star, between the darkness and the light.

Major Ryan: Bring us in closer to the enemy.
Lieutenant: How close?
Major Ryan: Right down their throats.

Londo: Madness! Total and complete madness!

Delenn: I served council for 16 cycles. I was the chosen of Dukhat to replace him. I held him when he died. His blood on my hands, his spirit in my eyes, his word on my lips. You will step aside in his name and mine or in Valen’s name, I will tear this ship apart with my bare hands until I find them.

Sheridan: May I have your attention please. In the last few hours, we have learned that war ships are coming this way from earth. Their orders are to seize command of Babylon 5 by force. As commanding officer and military governor of Babylon 5, I can not allow this to happen. President Clark has violated the earth alliance constitution, by dissolving the senate, declaring martial law and personally ordering the bombing of civilian targets on the Mars colony. He is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. Following these attacks, Orion 7 and Proxima 3 have broken away from the Earth alliance and declared independence. Babylon 5 now joins with them. As of this moment Babylon 5 is seceding from the Earth alliance. We will remain an independent state until President Clark is removed from office. At the end of this current crisis, any who wish to leave for Earth is free to do so. Mean while for your own safety, I urge everyone to stay in your quarters until this is over. That is all.

Delenn: This is ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw! Or be destroyed.
Unnamed Earthforce captain: Negative. We have authority here. Do not force us to engage your ship.
Delenn: Why not? Only one human captain has every survived battle with the Minbari fleet. He is behind me, you are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else!

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