Season: 5

Original Airdate: March 4, 1998

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Tony Dow

Guest Stars
Robin Atkin Downes As Byron
Skip Stellrecht As Security Guard
William Scudder As Drazi Captain
Jack Hannibal As Peter
Jana Robbins As Ambassador Tal
Roger Hewlett As Thug
Stuart McLean As Carl

Synopsis: In taking samples of Hyach DNA, Dr. Franklin learns that their race destroyed a different race which used to share their planet. As a result, the Hyach are now dying because they needed to be interbred with the Hyach-Do for their species to survive. Lyta and Byron become intimate, and during their love-making Byron sees visions of how the Vorlons modified and used her. This angers him, and renews his interest in finding a homeworld for his people.

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Notable Quotes

Lyta: Byron, the Vorlons changed me, more than you can possibly know. I don’t what I’ll do once you get passed my barriers and I get past yours. It could burn you.
Byron: Then let it burn.

Byron: It was the Vorlons.
Lyta: Yes.
Byron: They created telepaths on a hundred worlds. Interfered with our generic development. Took people from their homeworlds and adjusted them over course of the centuries.
Lyta: Yes.
Byron: Because they needed telepaths in their war against the Shadows.

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