Season: 4

Original Airdate: May 12, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
John Vickery As Neroon 
Chard Hayward As Religious #2 
Guy Siner As Religious #1

Synopsis: As civil war breaks out on Minbar, Delenn and Lennier journey home. Delenn’s Religious Caste and Neroon’s Warrior Caste experience a misunderstanding which nearly proves fatal for Lennier. Sheridan tries to convince the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to agree to peace-keeping patrols by White Star ships. Ivanova broadcasts for the Voice of the Resistance.


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Notable Quotes

Ivanova: First, one brief announcement. I just want to mention, for those who have asked, that absolutely nothing what so ever happened today in sector 83x9x12. I repeat, nothing happened. Please remain calm.

Londo: I don’t know how they see out of them anyway. Tiny, beady, squinty little things aren’t they.
Drazi: Ambassador.
Londo: No the Maker has not been kind to you. Must be terrible trying to fly at night without running into entire planets.
Drazi: Are you saying the Centauri do not know what ships are patrolling their borders.
Londo: No, of course we know. The Maker has gifted us with great big eyes, and great big scanners, and great big ah … well that is no concern of yours. Look isn’t there someone else you can go and harass? My life is so full of joy as it is.

Delenn: I think of my beautiful city in flames, Lennier. The streets where I walked. The temples, great crystal spirals, which side music whenever the wind touched. I think of it and I cry, Lennier. And I wonder, did I do this, when I broke the Grey Council.

Lennier: Delenn does walk in the same world that you and I walk in. She does not see the same. In her world, we are better than we are. We care more than we care. We act toward each other with compassion. I much prefer her world, than to that of my own and I will not allow anything to threaten that.

Sheridan: Ambassador, there are so many things in the Universe that are and so many that aren’t. If I were to take the time to deny all the things that aren’t, we’d be here for centuries, wouldn’t we.

Londo: I’m sorry. I apparently mistook you for a human with some taste and sensibility.

Marcus: Shoot a bunch of rocks and then leave.

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