Season: 4

Original Airdate: October 20, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Tony Dow

Guest Stars
Walter Koenig As Alfred Bester
Denise Gentile As Lise Hampton Edgars
Rance Howard As David Sheridan
Alex Cobo As Max
J. J. Boone As Med Tech
Joey Dente As Luko
Julie Ow As Med Tech
Michael Potter As General Foote

Synopsis: ISN confirms Clark’s suicide and announces Sheridan’s surrender to Earth Force. Susanna Lucenko of the Russian Consortium has been named acting President of the Earth Alliance. Ivanova shares with Franklin her deep distress over Marcus’ sacrifice. Vir announces to Londo that the Centarum wants to name him Emperor upon the death of the ailing Regent. Bester asks Sheridan about his lover, Carolyn. Sheridan assures Bester that she was not among the telepaths used against the Earth Force ships. Garibaldi searches for Lise and rescues her with the help of the Rangers. Delenn presents Londo & G’Kar with the plan to dissolve the League of Nonaligned Worlds and create a new alliance led by an elected president and protected by the Rangers. Sheridan makes an agreement with President Lucenko that he will resign Earth Force in exchange for full amnesty for his officers and crew. Lennier tacitly admits to Delenn his love for her. Sheridan is named President of the new alliance. Sheridan is reunited with his father. Lucenko signs an order freeing Mars. Ivanova is promoted to captain and resigns from Babylon 5 to take command of a new Warlock-class warship. Sheridan and Delenn are married. G’Kar uses his electronic eye to spy on their honeymoon.

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Notable Quotes

Londo: I hope you have brought a change of underwear. You will need it after you read this.

Londo: We really should hurry, otherwise, we have to put up with a cranky narn all the way to Earth.

Sheridan: Death! Been there, done that.

G’kar: For many years, all of us, have prized our good relations with Earth. You have shown though your example, that strength comes from a multitude of voices brought together in common cause. Humans form communities. In that spirit, we have voted to dissolve the league of non-aligned worlds and create a new alliance, based on mutual cooperation and respect. An alliance born in the diverse voices of many worlds, joined by their desire to build a better future and their decision to voluntary recognize a common authority. Ambassador.
Delenn: This new alliance will help less advance worlds, improve their conditions, and encourage better relations between our races, and promote free trade. Above all, it will work to create peace. Central to this process in a group of Humans and Minbari, trained to work together and dedicated to the higher principles of duty, honor, and peace. They have been entrusted with the most advanced fleet of ships in existence, now that the first ones have left us. Among my people, they are called the Anlshock. Among your people, they are called the rangers.
They come in peace and will stay only where they are invited to stay. They will help protect you from raiders and invasion by other races. They will work with your military to strengthen your borders. But understand, they will do so equally and fairly. If you are planning a war of aggression against your neighbors, the rangers will hear about it and so will your neighbors. If other worlds choose to intervene on behave of those being attacked, the rangers will provide the information, but will not intervene directly. Their goal is to create the peace, not enforce the peace. This is a political and economic alliance, not one based on military strength. The gains you will achieve, by working peacefully with other races, far out weight anything you will achieve force. The alliance recognizes your sovereign right to govern your own people by your own will. But membership in the alliance, means that you will honor a code of conduct in your relations with other worlds or risk losing all the things we stand to give you. Finally, each member race will be able to contribute volunteers to join the rangers, there by ensuring their independence and fairness. All of us have agreed to recognize the independent authority of the rangers. Madam President, honored guests, I now invite you to join the new alliance. You may decline, if that is your wish. We will leave in peace and honor your decision. If you accept, we believe it will signal a new age of peace and prosperity.

President Luchenko: Half of Earthforce wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot. As a politician you learn how to compromise, which by all rights means, I should give you the medal of honor and then have you shot.

Londo: How does it feel to make history, hum.
G’kar: You do not make history, you can only hope to survive it.
Londo: G’kar, you are a depressing person.
G’kar: Thank you.

Londo: It almost makes wish could peak in on them. See how it is going. G’kar, the artificial eye that Dr. Franklin gave you. Where is it?

Sheridan: As a young man, I joined Earthforce, because I wanted to be part something bigger than I was, something that I could believe in. And that belief, carried me through the Mars riots, the Minbari war, and the battles that have brought us here today. Everything I did, I did out of love of Earth and love of duty. But what happens, when those two are no longer the same thing. Now the time I spent on Babylon 5, I learned about choices and consequences and responsibility. I learned we all have choices, even when we don’t recognize them and that those choices have consequences, not just for ourselves, but for others. We must assume responsibility for those consequences. I and my fellow officers had to choose between what we were told was right and what we believed was right. And now I take full responsibility for those decisions. I love Earth and now for my love of Earth, I find that I must walk away from my love of duty. My presence would be a constant reminder of what has divided us, instead of that which brings us together. And for reason and President Luchenko’s generous offer of amnesty for all those who served under me, I am announcing my resignation from Earthforce. I do this in the hope that those who fought on both sides will put aside their disagreements and come together in a new spirit of cooperation. For we are all children of earth. Thank you.

Sheridan: (to Bester) See Mr. Garibaldi is finishing up some personal business on Mars. Once it’s done, I image he will turn his attention to you. And to tell you the gods honest truth, I would rather face those sharp shooters of yours, then what he will do when he finds you. I don’t know exactly how he plans to settle the score, but I’m sure it will be creative, colorful, and extremely unpleasant.

Ivanova: I said go away.
Franklin: Susan it’s me. You OK.
Ivanova: Damn it Steven, why the hell did he have to do it? I didn’t want him to. I never, never would have asked him to.
Franklin: I know.
Ivanova: I mean, how the hell did he find out about that machine.
Franklin: After we gained custody of the alien healing device, Sheridan and I decided that it was just too dangerous to let others know about it, so I coded all my log entries. He must of hacked his way through half a dozen security overrides.
Ivanova: Typical. He was always pulling crap like that. You know, I never knew what to do with him. He was the most undisciplined, most annoying… I was just lying there and I was feeling myself letting go of my body. And I remember the last thing I thought was, I’m going to die now. And it wasn’t so bad. And then I heard this voice coming from far away saying, I love you. And then I thought, is this God? Is this God, I mean he really did have an English accent just like in all those old movies. And then I felt myself being pulled down and I got heavy, so heavy, and tired. I forced my eyes open and there he was next to me. And we were hooked into that damn machine. And I tried to pull it apart Steven, I swear to God I tried, I just couldn’t even move. I couldn’t move.
Franklin: Look there was nothing you could do, all right? You system was traumatized. You can’t blame yourself.
Ivanova: I don’t, I don’t, I don’t. I just … You know all my life I’ve had, I’ve had problems with relationships. You may have noticed.
Franklin: A little.
Ivanova: You know the ones that I loved always ended up hurting me, leaving me. And the ones who stayed, they had nothing inside, no depth. After a while I just decided to forget about it. And here was Marcus. I knew he’d never hurt me and I knew he’d never leave me and I knew he loved me. I knew it and I just didn’t want to admit it. And he gave so much and he wanted so little in return. And he just wanted a kind word or a smile and all I ever gave him in two years was grief. And that’s because I think I saw what I wanted and I was afraid.
Franklin: But you knew it wasn’t going to work out. You were just protecting yourself from being hurt again and that’s all.
Ivanova: Maybe, but maybe I should have just tried one more time. I could have done that for him, now I can’t. At least I should have boffed him just once.
Franklin: Boffed. Did you just say boffed.
Ivanova: That’s the type of thing he would have said. I mean, what the hell, it’s not like I was doing anything else.
Franklin: Well I guess that’s one way to deal with unrequited love, huh?
Ivanova: All love is unrequited Steven, all of it.

ISN reporter: In related Babylon 5 news. In one of last acts as last acts as an officer in Earthforce, Captain John Sheridan promoted Susan Ivanova to the rank of full captain. Siting the death of a close friend and other personal reasons, Captain Ivanova has asked for and received a transfer to one of the new warlock class destroyers for a one year shake down cruise. In a statement issued a few hours ago, Captain Ivanova, said only that I to decide were my heart belongs before the rest of me can follow.

Delenn: It was the end of the Earth year 2261 and it was the dawn of a new age, for all of us. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The next twenty years would see great changes, great joys, and great sorrows. The telepath war and the drakh war, the new alliance would waver and crack, but in the end, it would hold. Because what is build endures and what is lost endures, and Babylon 5, Babylon 5 endures.

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