Season: 4

Original Airdate: April 21, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Jesus Trevino

Guest Stars
Carrie Dobro As Brakiri
Marjorie Monaghan As Number One
Mark Schneider As Wade
Brian Tahash As Smuggler #2
Clayton Landey As Number Two
Donovan Scott As Captain Jack
Geoff Meed As Smuggler #1
Timothy Starks As Guard

Synopsis: Ivanova negotiates a deal with smugglers to keep Babylon 5 in supplies. Marcus and Franklin, undercover as a newlywed couple en route to a Mars honeymoon, meet with leaders of the Mars resistance. Keepers have infiltrated at least one member of the resistance. Garibaldi and Sheridan publicly disagree over Garibaldi’s comments to ISN. A pro-Clark/ anti-Sheridan group lobbies Garibaldi to join them. Delenn and Sheridan undergo yet another Minbari pre-marriage ritual that requires them to find each other’s centers of pleasure.

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Notable Quotes

Sheridan: There going to be out here.
Delenn: Yes.
Sheridan: While we are in there.
Delenn: Yes.
Sheridan: I can’t. Delenn, I can’t in front of other …
Delenn: John…
Sheridan: No. No

Marcus: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with B.
Franklin: Boxes.
Marcus: Right, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with M.
Franklin: More boxes.
Marcus: Two in a row.
Franklin: And that’s when I shot him your honor.
Marcus: I spy with my little eye, something starting with E.
Franklin: I give up…
Marcus: Oh, come on.
Franklin: This better not be what…
Franklin and Marcus: Even more boxes.

Marcus: Pretend there is a very large dragon on the other side of the cargo hold and if you pass this point.
Captain Jack: hum
Marcus: It will eat you.

Marcus: And worst of all, I’m married to you.
Franklin: Well, that’s not my idea.
Marcus: Oh, you say that now. Tell that to your mother. She never stopped calling us about it. So when is the big day, I’ve got to pick out patterns. Your father isn’t going to live forever and on and on and on and on.

Captian Jack: Lyta had a little Vorlon. Her skin was pale as snow and everywhere that Lyta went her Vorlon was sure to go.

Ivanova: And sooner or later your ships will have accidents.
Smuggler: My pilots don’t have accidents.
Ivanova: They will. I’ll see to it.
Smuggler: You wouldn’t.
Ivanova: I have a 200 megawatt pulse cannon in the Foreword Cargo bay that says otherwise.

Ivanova: Everyones entitled to a fresh start.
Smuggler: Your even willing to forget about the business with …
Ivanova: Yes, even though it did make Mr. Garibaldi’s hair fall out. You had no way of knowing what was in that bottle and that’s my story and I am sticking to it, just in case he asks.

Marcus: I’m a Ranger.
Number Two: Is that so. Well you a long way from Texas son and that ain’t the right accent.

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