Season: 3

Original Airdate: November 27, 1995

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Adam Nimoy

Guest Stars
Louis Turenne As Brother Theo
Patricia Tallman As Lyta Alexander
Lynn Blades As News Anchor #2
Mark Folger As Centauri
Natalie Brunt As Business Person
Robert Keith As Malcolmv
Steven Gonzalez As News Anchor #1

Synopsis: Brother Edward is frightened by mysterious memories and visions. Lyta returns as a passenger of Ambassador Kosh’s Ship. She is able to share Kosh’s methane environment with the help of some new accessories: gills.

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Notable Quotes

Garibaldi: You know guys, like this, make long for the days of the electric chair. Hell, sometimes, I think we need electric bleachers.

Lyta: I’m not with the Corps anymore. That means I am not bound by their rules. So if someone where to turn me in. I’d find him and before they took me, I’d plant a nightmare deep in his mind, where no else could find or remove it. And that person would spend every night for the rest of his life screaming!

Londo: Lyta Alexander, as I live and breathe …
Lyta: I suggest you remove your hand, ambassador, or you won’t be doing either for much longer.

Garibaldi: Nobody has ever been to the Vorlon home world and back again. But she goes and comes back, just like she just took a trip to the corner store and now she is working for Kosh. Is anybody else as creeped out about this as I am?

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