Season: 4

Original Airdate: May 26, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
Neil Bradley As Philby
Richard Gant As Captain Edward MacDougan
Skip Stellrecht As Guard
Ken Jenkins As Captain Trevor Hall

Synopsis: Continued attacks on civilian ships by Clark’s forces prompt Sheridan to lead his troops to liberate the Earth colony Proxima 3. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds agrees to protect Babylon 5 with their ships so that Sheridan can take his ships away from the station. Londo tries to persuade G’Kar to sign a treaty with the Centauri that backs Sheridan’s efforts. After the liberation of Proxima 3, with losses on each side, Sheridan invites the remaining Earth forces to join his fight. Garibaldi leaves for Mars, claiming that he won’t return to Babylon 5. The Narn and Centauri governments announce their treaty.

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Notable Quotes

Londo: (to G’kar) Before war broke out between our governments, you bought me a drink. I wish to return the favor. For the first time in a hundred years, we have something in common beyond hatred. I find that most extraordinary and so a drink, to the humans, and to the bridge they created between us, and the hope for a better future for both our worlds.

Sheridan: From now on, Earth stands alone.

G’kar: I apologize for the lack of chains. The cleaning service must have removed them.

Londo: I do know who my friends are and that I have not done as well by them as I should. I hope to change that. I hope to do better.

Sheridan: No Surrender, No Retreat

Sheridan: Hostiles might be splitting up so they can be with both groups to keep them in line.
Marcus: Unless they are all hostile and some are just more hostile than others.
Sheridan: Well thank you for that ray of sunshine Marcus. Next time I feel the need to be depressed I will remember to give you a call.

Ivanova: Trust Ivanova, trust yourself, anyone else shoot them.

Ivanova: This is commander Susan Ivanova, bringing your the voice of the resistance.

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