Season: 4

Original Airdate: May 19, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Tony Dow

Guest Stars
Walter Koenig As Alfred Bester
John Vickery As Neroon
Carl J. Pfeifer As Guard
Christy Noonan As Businesswoman
cott Adams As Mr. Adams

Synopsis: Edgars asks Garibaldi to get a package past Babylon 5 customs and on to Io without incident. Lyta reaches the end of her rope as her money runs out, she has trouble finding work, and station resources asks her to move to smaller quarters. She tearfully accepts an offer from Bester to discreetly rejoin Psi Corps in exchange for rights to her body after her death. Ivanova announces via the Voice of the Resistance that four more ships have defected to the Resistance. Mr. Adams hires Garibaldi to find his dog and cat, who want to take over the world. On her homeworld, Delenn announces that the Religious Caste will surrender to the Warrior Caste. Neroon arranges for the surrender to take place at the Temple of Varennie, where disputes were resolved before Valen led the council.Delenn meets Warrior Caste leader Shakiri at the temple which has the means to broadcast to all of Minbar for the surrender, and challenges him to join her in the Starfire Wheel, a device the ancient Minbari used to choose their leaders. Shakiri reluctantly steps in, but quickly leaves after Delenn refuses to compromise. Delenn remains and is nearly killed. Neroon pushes her away at the last minute and takes her place, proclaiming his allegiance to the Religious Caste as he is consumed by the Starfire Wheel. Despite great injuries, Delenn returns to the chambers of the Grey Council, where she presents a new council led by the Worker Caste. She leaves the spot in the center empty in memory of Neroon, and proclaims that it will remain empty until filled by “The One Who Is To Come.” Ivanova is livid when she receives a broadcast showing Earth military ships attacking unarmed civilian transports, killing over 10,000 people. Sheridan vows to fight back hard.

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Notable Quotes

Ivanova: Bastards! Those cold hearted rat bastards.

Bester: Mr. Allen seems to be under a great deal of stress. I don’t think he is eating right. Make sure he gets enough fiber. That’s always important.

Garibaldi: You want to hire me to find your dog.
Scott Adams: That’s right and my cat too.
Garibaldi: Ah. Well, Mr. Adams, This is the kind of thing I usually …
Scott Adams: I pay time and half.
Garibaldi: … turn down. Doggies, kitties, hey they all got to make the world go around. Don’t they. Anything else that I should know about them.
Scott Adams: They are planning to take over the galaxy.

Sheridan: This madness has gone on long enough. I don’t care if we are ready yet. I don’t care if we are out numbered or out gunned. I don’t care what ISN says about us. This stops and it stops now. Now if Earth wants to declare war on us, then it is time to took the war to Clark. You tell the others, starting right now we fight back and we fight back hard.
Ivanova: I thought you were looking for some other way then firing on our own ships. There were following orders.
Sheridan: Any crew that executes an order like that is guilty of war crimes and they deserve whatever they get. Now we’re riding in Susan. Anybody who wants to defect and joins us fine. If they get in our way, then we will knock them down. If they kill one of our ships, then we will kill three of theirs and kept going. We never slow down and we won’t stop. Now we’ll going after the colonies then Mars, then Earth. And God help anybody who gets in our way.

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