Season: 5

Original Airdate: February 18, 1998

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): David J. Eagle

Guest Stars
Brendan Ford As Tannier 
Turhan Bey As Turval 
Brian McDermott As Durhan 
Dawn Comer As Security Guard 
Erica Ortega As Teegarden 
Mongo Brownlee As Enforcer 
Trevor Goddard As Trace

Synopsis: Two Minbari Rangers and their Minbari trainees travel to Babylon 5 to meet with Delenn. Zack tells Garibaldi that two of Byron’s telepaths will take the covert intelligence positions. Garibaldi continues attempting to determine which side Lochley was on during the War, which finally causes her to explode and confirm that she fought against Sheridan. A man named Trace tries to fill the B5 underworld gap left by N’Grath’s assassination. He observes Zack as a threat to his rise to power and orders his men to kill the security chief. The Minbari Turval expresses concern to Delenn about how hard Lennier is pushing himself in Ranger training. The acolyte Rangers interfere with Trace’s attack on a women, and one is critically injured. He recovers somewhat and invokes Mora’Dum, the application of terro, which forces the Ranger to face the terror that confronts him. Sheridan reveals to Delenn that there is something about the relationship between he and Captain Lochley.


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Notable Quotes

Turval: If I told you climb a mountian and bring me a flower from the highest point and you will die after completing your task. Would that be meaningless.
Minbari: Of course, it’s trival.
Turval: And if there are a million people waiting at the base of the mountian to whom, that one flower was a symbol of their freedom and they would follow that symbol at your dead in a struggle that would liberate half a billion souls. Would that have a meaning? You see, we create the meaning in our lives. It does not exist independently.

Lochley: I am a solider, Mr. Garibaldi. And as such, my vocabulary is rather limited. I only really understand three words. Loyalty. Duty. Honor. If I did it your way, one of those would have to go and the other two would become meaningless.

Durhan: We have no idea what to do with the Pak’ma’ra. They’re slow, greedy, selfish, not very bright. They refuse to speak anything other than their own language so we have to use a translator, and they’re carrion eaters. If it’s not five days dead and decayed they won’t touch it.
Turval: We’ve had to move the quarters of the Pak’ma’ra well away from the other recruits. It’s the smell you see, it’s quite astonishing.
Durhan: I understand your desire to make the Rangers representative of all the member races Delenn, but this may not be practical.

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