Season: 2

Original Airdate: February 6, 1995

Writer(s): Larry DiTillio

Director(s): Andrew Prowse

Guest Stars
Elisa Beth Garver As Tech #2
Marie Marshall As P.F.C. Dodger
Art Chudabala As Pvt. Yang
Ken Foree As P.F.C. Large
Morgan Hunter As Pvt. Kleist
Mowava Pryor As Tonia Wallace
Ryan Cutrona As Sgt. Major Plug
David L. Crowley As Officer Lou Welch

Synopsis: 25,000 EA Marines are temporarily stationed on B5 en route to training exercises off Io. Dr. Franklin’s father, a general, commands the mission. Garibaldi has a fling with Dodger.

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Notable Quotes

Sheridan: There is only one truth about war, people die. Killing is part of a soldier’s job. We can’t deny it. We can only live with it and hope the reasons for doing it are justified.

Ivanova: No traffic, no complaints, no noise. Traders, trouble makers, and ambassadors all tucked snugly in their little beds. I love this time of night.
Corwin: There is no night in deep space and time is a meaningless concept, when you stop to think about it.

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