Season: 4

Original Airdate: February 10, 1997

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): John C. Flinn III

Guest Stars
Walter Koenig As Alfred Bester
Damian London As Minister Milo Virini
Lauren Sanchez As News Anchor
Robert Patteri As EA Pilot

Synopsis: The residents of Babylon 5 celebrate their victory in the Shadow War. President Clark begins an effort to shut down the station using ISN, the Psi Corps, and other means in a propaganda war. Cartagia’s minister is promoted to the temporary post of Regent while the Centaurum debates the future of the monarchy. Londo returns to Babylon 5, as does G’Kar. Franklin begins fitting G’Kar for a prosthetic eye. Garibaldi receives a strange BabCom message, then resigns as head of security, saying he wants to find a way for himself. Zack is named as Garibaldi’s replacement. Lyta begins putting her life back together now that she is no longer in the service of the Vorlons. Clark quarantines B5 because of possible terrorist threats,and forbids travel between Earth and B5. Part of his plot includes a preemptive strike, arranged with Bester’s Black Omega Starfury squadron, which will damage Babylon 5’s credibility with the alien governments. However, Bester brings news of this plan to Sheridan as a bargaining tool. Sheridan agrees to take Bester to Z’Ha’Dum to search for leftover Shadow technology which may free his lover from the neural nets. In return, Bester notifies Sheridan of Clark’s plan to attack an Earth Force base in Sector 49 and make it seem like Babylon 5 was the aggressor. Sheridan dispatches a squadron of B5 Starfuries that successfully intercepts the Black Omegas. Upon arriving at Z’Ha’Dum, Sheridan and Co. witness a mass exodus of ships from the planet, and soon after the planet explodes. Later, Sheridan confronts Lyta because he suspects that she had a hand in the planet’s destruction. The Centauri Regent wakes from a bad dream and finds a keeper attached to his neck.

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Notable Quotes

Zack: Look, I am getting the hell out of here, before anyone else walks through there. With my luck, it would be the second coming and I am still three commandments behind on penance.

Regent: I always say, when you reduce a family tree to a family bush, you just can’t hide as much beneath it.

G’kar: If you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart. It will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn’t always do it in the way you expect.

Bester: The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father.
Lyta: In that case, Mr. Bester, I’m an orphan.

Delenn: Sometimes, I try and picture you sitting on a beach with absolutely nothing to do.
Sheridan: And.
Delenn: And, the picture always ends with your head imploding.

G’kar: (to Londo) My world is now free! You no longer exist in my universe. Pray we never notice one another again.

Londo: And would I fall under the category of unusual, Mr. Allen.

Garibaldi: Even for a Narn, he’s nuts.

G’kar: I have seen what power does. And I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other.

Delenn: Your a problem solver. You’re one of these people who would pick up a rope that’s gotten all tangled up and spend an entire day untangling it. Because it’s a challenge, because it defies your sense of order in the universe and because you can.

Bester: I assume, my usual quarters in the brig, are available. I have grown so attached to the place.

Bester: By all rights, I should arrest her and take her back with me.
Sheridan: Oh, you could do that, but I could nail your head to table, set fire to it, and feed your charred remains to the Pak’Ma’Ra. But it an imperfect world and we never get exactly what we want. So get used to it.

Sheridan: Trouble will come in its own time. It always does, … but that’s tomorrow. Give me today and I will be happy.

G’kar: Welcome home, Mr. Garibaldi.
Garibaldi: Thank you, G’kar

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