Season: 1

Original Airdate: April 18, 1994

Writer(s): Larry DiTillio

Director(s): Richard Compton

Guest Stars
Aki Aleong As Senator Hidoshi
Ardwight Chamberlain voiced Ambassador Kosh
Robert DiTillio As Ambasador #1
Sav Farrow As Tech #2
Cosie Costa As Abbut
Robin Curtis As Ambassador Kalika

Synopsis: The war criminal Deathwalker visits B5 with an immortality serum. The League of Nonaligned Worlds is upset that she would be allowed to stay on the station since she was responsible for the destruction of many races. Kosh hires Talia Winters to mediate some seemingly meaningless talks between him and Abot the VCR.

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Notable Quotes

Kosh: A stroke from the bush does not guarantee art from the bristles.

Sinclair: They say God works in mysterious ways.
Garibaldi: Maybe so, but he is con man compared to the Vorlon.

Na’Toth: Deathwalker? Deathwalker! DEATHWALKER!

Ivanova: Our gunner arrays are now fixed on you ship. They will fire the instant you come into range. You will find their power quite impressive for a few seconds.

Sinclair: Who are you?
Jha’dur: I am war master Jha’dur of the Dilgar.
Sinclair: Deathwalker?
Jha’dur: So they called me.

Kosh: Then listen to the music and not the song.

Deathwalker: You and the rest of your kind, take blind comfort in the belief that we are monsters. That you could never do what we did. The key ingredient in the anti-agathic can not be synthesized. It must be taken from living beings. For one to live forever, another one must die. You will fall upon another like wolves. It will make what we did pale by comparison. The billions who live forever will be a testimony to my work and the billions who are murdered to buy that immortality will be continuous of my work. Not like us, you will become us. That’s my monument, Commander.

Londo: Commander, Commander, is it true?
Sinclair: Is what true?
Londo: They say you have Deathwalker in custody.
Sinclair: You should know better than to listen to rumors Ambassador.

Kosh: Understanding is a three edged sword.

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