Season: 5

Original Airdate: March 11, 1998

Writer(s): Neil Gaiman

Director(s): Doug Lefler

Guest Stars
Ed Wasser As Mr. Morden 
Fabiana Udenio As Adira Tyree 
Marie Marshall As Dodger 
Joshua Coxx As Lt. David Corwin 
Penn Jillette As Rebo 
Teller As Zooty 
Bridget Flanery As Zoe 
Jonathan Chapman As Brakiri Ambassador 
Skip Stellrecht As Customs Officer 
Ismael Kanater As Brakiri Salesman 
Mary Major As ISN Reporter

Synopsis: The popular comedy duo Rebo & Zooty visits the station. Lochley sells part of the station to the Brakiri for their celebration of the Day of the Dead. Those inside the Brakiri sector experience visits from the dead: Londo is visited by Adira Tyree; Lennier is visited by Morden, who tells him that he will betray the Rangers; Garibaldi is visited by Dodger and Lochley is visited by Zoe, a very close friend who committed suicide twenty years ago. Zoe also delivers a cryptic message to Sheridan from Kosh.


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Notable Quotes

Londo: Now anyone can be emperor. I can be emperor. Vir can be emperor! Vir can be emperor. A small Earth cat can be emperor.

Morden: Come on, you won’t get there by walking. The other side of that corridor is over two hundred million light years away. The air is spread a little thinly in the middle. You think there is any coffee in this place.
Lennier: Why did you help me? I know what kind of man you were.
Morden: Give a dog a bad name and you can hang him with it. You shouldn’t listen to everything Sheridan tells you. Actually, I’m surprised he is not here tonight, since he died at Z’ha’dum. Is there any coffee here or not? Suit yourself.

Lochley: Oh and uh, speaking of mysteries. I have a message for you. It’s from someone named Kosh.
Sheridan: What’s the message.
Lochley: When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning.

Lennier: I came for wisdom.
Morden: You don’t come to the dead for wisdom, Lennier. My head was cut from my body. Even now it rots on a poll outside the imperial palace. Birds have taken the hair for their nests. Maggots have ate my flesh and you want wisdom.
Lennier: Yes, I do.

Morden: When you remember me, Lennier. Think of me as a brief electro magnetic anomaly, who told you some true things for you own good.

Sheridan: Oh, this is a moment you can tell your children about captain.
Lochley: I’ll get on to having some right away.
Sheridan: What?
Lochley: I have an appointment with the Brakiri ambassador. I’m on my way.

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