Season: 3

Original Airdate: November 13, 1995

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
Gwen McGee As Med Tech
John Flinn As Obnoxious Man
Louis Turenne As Brother Theo
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa As Morishi
Jason Larimore As Lurker
Mike McKenzie As Drazi #1
Rick Johnson As Security Guard #1
Tom SimmonsTom Simmons As Security Guard #2

Synopsis: While a group of monks take up residence on Babylon 5, a mad bomber terrorizes the station. Lennier nearly sacrifices his life to save Londo. Londo and G’Kar later share a touching moment in the transport tube.

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Notable Quotes

Londo: I am afraid that if I try go back and figure it out, I will start bleeding from my ears.

Zack: Ok so here’s how this- what are you doing?
Drazi: Droshala visitation means station blessed. Everything here blessed. You also blessed. We touch to share your blessing.
Zack: Don’t poke me, I don’t like it. I don’t want to share my blessing okay… You see that plant over there? Now that was in the garden when your people saw this Drabawa-
Drazi: Droshala!
Zack: Right. Anyway, it was real close, so it’s gotta be more blessed than me. So here. Why don’t you go poke the plant for a while, while I take care of your entry visas, okay?

Sheridan: What are you saying-
Carlson: Look around! These are chaotic times captain! I am simply an instrument of my time. People need to understand fear. Do you understand fear?

G’kar: (sings) Not many fishes left in the sea. Not many fishes just Londo and me.

Londo: We’re in here! Can anyone hear us?
G’kar: (in a small voice) I hear you.
G’kar: (in a small voice) We’re in here.

Londo: Kill me, Now kill me!
G’kar: You forget the terms of our surrender. The penalty for the killing of any Centauri, by any Narn, will be the death of five hundred Narns, including perpetrators own family! But I don’t have to kill you. I don’t have to do anything and I still get to watch you die. I find this most appealing.

Londo: There you see, I am going to live.
G’kar: So it would seem. Well it is an imperfect universe.
Londo: Bastard
G’kar: Monster
Londo: Fanatic
G’kar: Murder
Londo: You are insane!
G’kar: And that is why we’ll win.
Londo: Go be the ambassador to Babylon 5 they say. It will be an easy assignment. Oh, I hate my life.
G’kar: So do I.
Londo: Shut up!

G’kar: As the humans say, Up yours! Die!

Londo: You are mad! You know that?!

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