Season: 1

Original Airdate: May 9, 1994

Writer(s): Kathryn M. Drennan

Director(s): Jim Johnston

Guest Stars
Aki Aleong As Senator Hidoshi
John Snyder As Orin Zento
Jose Rey As Eduardo Delviontos
Michael McKenzie As Narn Captain
Patricia Healy As Mary Ann Cramer
Floyd Vaughn As Worker #1
Ricardo Martinez As Worker #2

Synopsis: A substandard microchip in a piece of docking equipment causes an explosion in the docking bay. The explosion destroys a Narn ship carrying a sacred plant necessary for G’Kar’s observance of the Days of G’Quon. Overworked dockworkers who are already upset due to the docking guild’s small budget stage a work stoppage, prompting Earth Gov to send a labor negotiator. Mollari happens to possess another G’Quon-eth plant, which the Centauri offers to G’Kar for an extortionate price. Senator Hidoshi assures Sinclair that the budget is more than adequate to cover the needs of the dockworkers. Mollari retracts his offer to G’Kar, which prompts him to seek a resolution through Sinclair. The dockworkers’ illegal strike leads the negotiator to evoke the Rush Act, officially declaring the situation an illegal strike and requiring station security forces to make arrests. Sinclair steps in and uses the language of the Rush Act to allow him to reallocate credits from the station’s military budget to the dock equipment budget. Sinclair confiscates Mollari’s plant as an illegal substance, then allows G’Kar to use it for his ceremony after compensating the Centauri.

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Notable Quotes

Sinclair: You should never hand someone a gun, unless you are sure where they’ll point it. Your mistake. (people cheering)

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