Season: 1

Original Airdate: April 25, 1994

Writer(s): David Gerrold

Director(s): Richard Compton

Guest Stars
Tricia O’Neil As M’Ola
Jonathan Charles Kaplan As Shon
Silvana Gallardo As Maya Hernandez
Stephen Lee As Thar

Synopsis: An alien child with a life-threatening illness is brought to Dr. Franklin’s attention. The doctor must choose between saving the boy and honoring the family’s religious beliefs.

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Notable Quotes

Kosh: The Avalanche has already started, it is to late for the pebbles to vote

Franklin: May god save us from false religion.
Sinclair: What makes a religion false? If any religion is right then maybe they all have to be right. Maybe God doesn’t care how you say your prayers, just as long as you say them.
Franklin: What if there is no god at all?
Sinclair: Is that what you believe?
Franklin: I believe in saving lives. Without life the question is meaningless.
Sinclair: But life has to be more then a pulse beat. What we hold Sacred gives our life meaning.

Unnamed starfury pilot: Negative, violation of orders.
Ivanova: To hell with orders, if that ship brings back a dozen raiders then we all be dead.

Ivanova: That’s Fine. Don’t worry about me. I just gonna seat here and knit something. Maybe a nice sweater, some socks…

Sinclair: Who asked you to play god?
Franklin: Every damn patient who comes though that door, that’s who. People come to doctors, because they want us to be gods. They want us to make it better or make it not so. They want to be healed and they come to me when their prayers are not enough.

Franklin: I’m waiting … for an apology
Sinclair: You better check the temperature in hell first.

Ivanova: I surely have plenty of things to occupy myself here. Yes, Sir. I think I’ll just walk to and fro for a while, maybe over to my console. After that, maybe I’ll try pacing fro and to, just for the kick of it.

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