Season: 2

Original Airdate: February 13, 1995

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Andrew Prowse

Guest Stars
John Vickery As Neroon
Marshall Teague As Narn
Robert Foxworth As General William Hague
Robin Sachs As Hedronn

Synopsis: Sheridan takes a Starfury out to investigate some mysterious happenings. He is kidnapped and tortured by the Streibs, then escapes with Ta’Lon, a Narn. Meanwhile, General Hague arrives to meet with Sheridan and gives him some disturbing info. Delenn is removed from the Gray Council, but allowed to retain her post as Ambassador on Babylon 5.

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Notable Quotes

Ivanova: Do you know who I am?
Garibaldi: The man in between is searching for you.
Ivanova: You are the hand.
Sheridan: Why are you here.
Kosh: We were never away. For the first time your mind is quiet enough to here me.
Sheridan: Why am I here.
Kosh: You have always been here.

Ivanova: Hey, I never did know when to butt out. We are with you Captan. Where ever this goes, however it ends, we’re with you.

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