Season: 2

Original Airdate: December 5, 1994

Writer(s): Larry DiTillio

Director(s): Andrew Prowse

Guest Stars
Jeff Conaway As Sgt. Zack Allen
Adrienne Barbeau As Amanda Carter
Annie Grindlay As Thirteen/Psi Cop
James Shigeta As Taro Isogi
Jessica Walter As Senator Elise Voudreau

Synopsis: Talia’s friend Taro Ishogi is murdered while trying to engineer a peaceful solution to the problem of Mars independence. A former Mars freedom fighter is smuggled onto the station and receives instructions from Control. Sheridan tells Garibaldi of his suspicions about the mysterious Bureau 13.

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Notable Quotes

Garibaldi: Could you at least tell me what badinage means ?

Ivanova: You know how I feel about telepaths!
Sheridan: Do I ever. You threw one out a third-story window on Io…
Ivanova: There was an ample pool below the window.
Sheridan: I’ll assume you knew that!

Garibaldi: Tea just happens to be my third favorite thing in the Universe.

Sheridan: What I learned in that time, made me realize just how wondrous this galaxy of ours really is.

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