Season: 3

Original Airdate: April 22, 1996

Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski

Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
James Kiriyama-Lem As Med Tech
Michael Francis Kelly As Security Guard #1
Donna Hardy As Old Woman
Jerry D. O’Donnell As Security Guard #2
Michael Kagan As Emmett Farquaha
Michael York As Arthur
Robert Schuch As Lurker
Roger Hampton As Merchant

Synopsis: A man claiming to be Arthur, King of the Britons, arrives on B5. Ivanova and Sheridan negotiate a mutual defense treaty between many of the non-aligned worlds and Babylon 5. Garibaldi faces off against the Earth Force Postal Service.

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Notable Quotes

Garibaldi: What are you so nervous about? We went up against the entire earth alliance and two carrier groups.
Unnamed Security Officer: Yea, but this is the post office. This could get us in real trouble.

Marcus: (refering to Kosh) Now, Now, next thing you’ll be saying is he’s not Merlin. Merlin was a great teacher you know.
Franklin: I am not hearing this.
Marcus: They say he aged backward. That was how he was able to foretell the future by remembering it. Which means he came from the future. Maybe he had Arthur form the round table by remembering us. We’re forming one of our own after all. Which makes you Perceval. I’m Galahad, him being sinless and all. Sheridan as Arthur. Ivanova perhaps Gawain. I think we both know who Mordred is. So the question is: Who is Morgan Le Fay?

Franklin: You know I was noticing that pin you wear. All the other Rangers wear one just like it, but I don’t know what it means.
Marcus: The two figures on either side, one human, the other mimbari. They blend together in the middle to signify the two halves of our souls uniting against the common enemy.
Franklin: This jewel?
Marcus: The mimbari call that Isil’zha, means the future, birth, beginning, dawn of a new age.

Franklin: What else did they teach you?
Marcus: Delight. Respect. Compassion. That for you actions to be pure they must proceed from direction, determination, patience, and strength. I am afraid, I am still working on patience. They taught me how to live, how to breathe, how to fight, and how to die.

Marcus: And they taught me terror. How to use it and how to face it.
Franklin: I think I would like to hear more about that.
Marcus: No you wouldn’t.

G’kar: They were the bad guys as you say. We were the good guys and they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor!

Arthur: I am Arthur. Son of Urther Pent Dragon and king of the Britain’s. No man takes Excalibur from me and lives.

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