Plot: In the year 2258, it is ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. Commander Sinclair takes command of a giant five-mile-long cylindrical space station, orbiting a planet in neutral space. At a crossroads of interstellar commerce and diplomacy, Cmdr Sinclair (2d season Captain Sheridan) must try to establish peace and prosperity between various interstellar empires, all the while fighting forces from within the Earth Alliance. It is a precarious command, particularly given that sabotage led to the destruction of Babylon stations 1, 2, and 3 and 4 vanished without trace. ( )

Rating:  TV-PG

Creator: J. Michael Straczynski

Episode Runtime: 44 minutes 

Network: Turner Network Television (TNT)

Distributors:  Babylonian Productions, Warner Bros. Television

On TV: 1994- 1998 (5 seasons – 110 episodes)


Michael Vejar
David J. Eagle
Janet Greek
Jim Johnston
John C. Flinn III
Kevin G. Cremin
Richard Compton
Jesús Salvador Treviño
Tony Dow
Bruce Seth Green
Mario DiLeo
John Copeland
Stephen Furst
John Lafia
Menachem Binetski
Adam Nimoy
Kevin James Dobson

Writer – J. Michael Straczynski
Writer – Lawrence G. DiTillio
Writer – D.C. Fontana
Writer – Peter David
Writer – Harlan Ellison

Producer – John Copeland
Executive producer – Douglas Netter
Executive producer – J. Michael Straczynski
Associate producer / co-producer – George Johnsen
Associate producer – Susan Norkin
Co-producer – Skip Beaudine
Co-producer – Richard Compton
Producer – Robert Latham Brown

Music – Christopher Franke
Sound re-recording mixer / re-recording mixer – Terry O’Bright
Sound mixer – Linda Coffey
Sound designer – Harry Cohen
Sound designer / sound editor – Paul Menichini
Sound supervisor / supervising sound editor – Erin Hoien
Dialogue editor – Paul Curtis
Sound effects editor – Jeffrey R. Whitcher
Sound re-recording mixer / sound supervisor – Liz Sroka
Sound re-recording mixer – Keith Rogers
Sound re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor – Larry Benjamin
Sound effects editor – Elisabeth Flaum
Sound supervisor – Michael Payne
Sound mixer – Pat Mitchell
Sound effects editor – Mike Moser
Sound mixer – Don H. Matthews
Sound re-recording mixer – Zeke Salas
Re-recording mixer – Todd Orr
Sound supervisor – Gordon Hookailo
Sound re-recording mixer – Peter S. Carlstedt
Sound designer – Jon Johnson
Sound supervisor – John Caggiano
Sound effects editor – Harry Woolway
Foley artist – Leslie Bloom
Sound supervisor – Robert Parigi
Sound mixer – Neil Spritz
Sound re-recording mixer – Ken Teaney
Foley artist – Gregg Barbanell
Adr mixer / foley mixer – Shawn Kennelly
Sound editor – Jason King
Sound editor – George Nemzer
Dialogue editor – Dov Schwarz
Sound editor – Brandon Walker
Music performed by – The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Music performed by – Christopher Franke
Producer: music video – John E. Hudgens
Music producer / music recordist – Edgar Rothermich

John C. Flinn III
Fred V. Murphy

Editor – Skip Robinson
Editor – Suzanne Sternlight
Editor – David W. Foster
Editor – Kathie Burr
Editor – Lisa M. Citron
First assistant editor / assistant editor – Kathie Burr
Assistant editor / first assistant editor – John Burrus
Assistant editor / apprentice editor – Jason Netter
Post-production coordinator – Susan Norkin
Assistant editor – Mike Hackett
Post-production coordinator – Pam Oseransky
Apprentice editor – Maritza Suarez
Assistant editor – Marla K. Bechtel
Assistant editor – Marc Elmer
Assistant editor – Adam Buckner

Makeup effects creator / creator: series makeup effects – John Vulich
Hair stylist / makeup artist – Kim M. Ferry
Key makeup artist – Cinzia Zanetti
Special makeup effects artist – Rufus Hearn
Contact lens consultant / special effects contact lenses – Jonathan Gording
Makeup effects sculptor – John Wheaton
Key hair stylist – Traci E. Smithe
Creator: series makeup effects / makeup effects creator – Everett Burrell
Special makeup effects artist – Gabriel De Cunto
Key hair stylist – Barbara Wilder
Special makeup effects artist – Manny Case
Special makeup effects artist – Jerry Gergely
Shop supervisor and location key: special makeup effects unit / makeup effects supervisor – Mike Measimer
Makeup effects supervisor / special makeup effects supervisor: Optic Nerve Studios – Jeffrey S. Farley
Makeup effects sculptor – Glen Eisner
Makeup effects mold maker – Gary Yee
Key makeup artist – Mary Kay Morse
Special makeup effects artist / makeup effects artist – Fionagh Cush
Special makeup effects artist / makeup effects artist – Greg Funk
Makeup effects supervisor – Mark Garbarino
Special makeup effects artist – Jill Huff
Key hair stylist – Myke Michaels
Makeup effects supervisor – Dean Mercil
Special makeup effects artist – Liz Dean
Special makeup effects artist – Rob Sherwood
Special makeup effects intern – Jonah Levy
Special makeup effects artist – Mark Alfrey
Makeup artist – Nik E. Carey
Special makeup effects artist: Optic Nerve Studios – Tom Irvin
Special makeup effects artist – Matthew Jorgensen
Makeup artist – Ron Pipes
Key makeup artist – Tegan Taylor
Makeup artist – Tania Wanstall

Costume designer – Ann Bruice
Costume supervisor – Kim M. Holly
Key costumer / set costumer – Linda Huse

Construction coordinator – Curtis Laseter
Graphic artist – Alan Kobayashi
Property master – Mark Walters
Paint supervisor – John Risso
Property master / prop master – Dark Hoffman
Props – Jerome Johnson
Scenic artist – Matthew W. Plummer
Leadman – Pete Washburn
Property master – Barbara Cole
Leadman – Jason Howard
Concept designer – Timothy M. Earls
Conceptual creature designer – Jordu Schell
Storyboard artist – Brian Murray
Prop designer – Leslie Erganian
Painter – Tammy DeRuiter
Assistant set decorator – Nancy S. Fallace
Swing – George Amaroso
Set dressing – Richard Berentsen
Props – Dragon Dronet
Carpenter – Derek Dutilly
Set dresser – Chris Grantz
Storyboard artist – Mark Hurtado
Specialty prop fabricator – Evan Jacobs
Set designer – Karl J. Martin
Special props – Michael McGee
Assistant art director – Kevin Morrissey
Set dresser – Sean O’Connell
Painter – Mark S. Turner
Set designer – Jim Wallis
Art department coordinator – Tamlyn Wright

Special effects

Special effects supervisor – Paul Sokol
Special effects supervisor – Michael Del Genio
Special effects supervisor – Dayton Osmond
Special effects crew – Erich Martin Hicks
Special effects supervisor – Geoff Brewis
Special effects makeup – Matthew Jorgensen
Special effects technician – Elliot Worman
Special effects props – Gene Young

Visual effects

Matte artist – Eric Chauvin
System engineer: Foundation Imaging – Mike Donahue
Computer imaging supervisor – Paul Beigle-Bryant
Visual effects designer – Ron Thornton
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Additional visual effects coordinator – Kristina M. Horner
Senior animator / supervising animator – Shant Jordan
Graphic design & animation – Jeff Montray
Senior animator / supervising animator – Patrick Perez
Visual effects supervisor – Mitch Suskin
Compositor / graphic design & animation – Phillip Giles
Graphic design & animation – Rich Jeffreys III
Compositor – Ken Busick
Graphic design & animation – Tom Helmers
Graphic design & animation – Geoffrey Mark
Digital effects animator – Kevin Kutchaver
Senior computer animator / digital effects supervisor – Adam ‘Mojo’ Lebowitz
Graphic design & animation – Tim Everitt
Graphic design & animation – Harry Hendrickson
Graphic design & animation – Don Neudecker
Graphic design & animation – Josh Prikryl
Senior computer animator – John Teska
Systems engineer – Larry Stanton
Composite 2d animator / compositing animator – Sherry Hitch
System engineer – Stephen W. Pugh
On set visual effects supervisor – Ted Rae
Compositor – Kim Anderson
Graphic design & animation – Andrew Hofman
Graphic design & animation – Gary Lavarack
Matte artist – Chuck Carter
Graphic design & animation – Timothy Albee
Graphic design & animation – Larry W. Bowman
Graphic design & animation – H.W. Parker
Graphic design & animation – Andrew Romine
Compositor – Brian Battles
Visual effects supervisor – Tony Dow
Graphic design & animation – Bill Arbanas
Digital artist – Rob Bonchune
Visual effects assistant – Adam Buckner
Digital artist – Everett Burrell
3D supervisor – Mark Kochinski
Visual effects – Scott Milne
Visual effects: Foundation Imaging – David Wainstain
Visual effects – Tim Wilcox

Stunt coordinator – Kerry Rossall
Stunt performer – Gary J. Wayton
Stunt double – Pete Turner
Stunts – Tanner Gill
Stunt performer – Max Daniels
Stunts – Caron Colvett
Stunt performer – Henry Kingi Jr.
Stunts – Rick Avery
Stunt performer – Matt Birman
Stunts – Joey Box
Stunts – Charlie Brewer
Stunt double: Garibaldi/Gkar – James Jude Courtney
Stunts – Danial Donai
Stunts – Mike Gunther
Stunt double: Claudia Christian – Anita Hart
Stunts – Terry James
Stunts – Cal Johnson
Stunts – Diana R. Lupo
Stunts – Denney Pierce
Stunts – Paul E. Short
Stunt double: Human Ranger – Kimani Ray Smith

Camera operator / first assistant camera – Peter B. Kowalski
Key grip / best boy grip – John ‘JW’ Warner
First assistant camera – Wally Sweeterman
Gaffer – John Smith
Key grip – Robert Blair
Best boy electric – Nathaniel Roberts
Gaffer – Marshall Adams
Dolly grip – Charles Lantz
Key grip – Rick Stribling
Camera operator – Eyal Gordin
First assistant camera – Mike McEveety
Gaffer – Carlos M. Torres
Best boy electric / gaffer – David H. Neale
Best boy grip / dolly grip – Chris Nagle
Best boy grip – Bruce Carothers
Video playback operator – Kenneth Estes
Company grip / dolly grip – Tommy ‘Hooper’ Flanagan
Company grip – James Irons
Dolly grip – Kenny Yakkel
Video engineer – Ben Betts
Best boy electric – Chris Lewis
Camera operator – Howard Block
Grip – Jeff Bova
Electrician – Brian Cantrell
Key grip – Dean Jackson
Still photographer – Larry Newberg
Camera operator: “b” camera – Ralph Watson

Production management

Unit production manager – Skip Beaudine
Unit production manager – Kevin G. Cremin
Post-production supervisor – Susan Norkin

Assistant director

Second assistant director / second second assistant director – David McWhirter
First assistant director / second assistant director – Pamela M. Eilerson
Second second assistant director / second assistant director – Doug Corring
Second second assistant director – Alisa Matlovsky
First assistant director – Douglas E. Wise
First assistant director – John H. Radulovic
First assistant director – Skip Beaudine
Second second assistant director – Rosemarie Unite
First assistant director – Ronald Chong
Second assistant director – Mike Schilz
First assistant director – Carla McCloskey
Second second assistant director – Brad Michaelson
Second assistant director – Joseph J. Kontra
Second second assistant director – James A. Dennett II

Other Crew:

Conceptual consultant – Harlan Ellison
Assistant to producer / assistant to executive producer – Tracie Esparza
Assistant to producer / assistant to producers – Joanne Higgins
Script coordinator – Carol Henry
Script supervisor – Haley McLane
Production coordinator – Chris O’Connor
Production accountant / production assistant – Mike Hoover
Associate to producer / assistant to producers – E.J. Kavounas
Executive story editor / story editor – Lawrence G. DiTillio
Production accountant – Sarah Morse
Associate to producer – Jeffrey Willerth
Script supervisor – Kenneth Gilbert
Production coordinator – Heidi Erl
Assistant to producers / associate to producers – Karen Harrell
Assistant to producer / assistant to producers – Kelly Coyle
Production assistant – Kristina M. Horner
Assistant to producer / assistant to producers – Kelsey Kline
Script coordinator – Rebecca Langenfeld
Special effect contact lens consultant – Jonathan Gording
Production assistant – Thomas Holbrook
Concept designer – Luc Mayrand
Production coordinator – Celeste Healy
Script coordinator – Tracy Yates
Concept designer – Timothy M. Earls
Assistant accountant – Grant Kaufman
Reference editor – Fiona Avery
Assistant – Rennie Cowan
Production assistant – Brian Barney
Craft service – Jeff Bova
Set medic – Bundy Chanock
Production assistant – Clark Credle
Technical advisor – Bret Culpepper
Key production assistant – Alfonso Delgado
Assistant production coordinator – Robin Johannsen
Teleprompter operator – Keith McNulty
System engineer – Stephen W. Pugh
Clearance – Rebecca Thornell

Cast / Babylon 5 Personnel

John J. Sheridan

Played by: Bruce Boxleitner
Rank: President
Species: Human

Jeffrey Sinclair

Played by: Michael O’Hare
Rank: Ambassador
Species: Human

Susan Ivanova

Played by: Claudia Christian
Rank: Commander
Species: Human


Played by: Mira Furlan
Rank: Ambassador/ President
Species: Minbari/Human Hybrid

Michael Garibaldi

Played by: Jerry Doyle
Rank: Chief of Security
Species: Human

Stephen Franklin

Played by: Richard Biggs
Rank: Chief Medical Officer
Species: Human

Londo Mollari

Played by: Peter Jurasik
Rank: Emperor/ Ambassador
Species: Centauri


Played by: Andreas Katsulas
Rank: Emperor/ Ambassador
Species: Narn

Kosh Naranek

Played by: Ardwight Chamberlain (voice)
Rank: Ambassador
Species: Vorlon

Talia Winters

Played by: Andrea Thompson
Rank: Licensed, commercial telepath
Species: Human

Lyta Alexander

Played by: Patricia Tallman
Rank: Licensed, commercial telepath
Species: Human

Vir Cotto

Played by: Stephen Furst
Rank: Attaché/ Ambassador
Species: Centauri


Played by: Bill Mumy
Rank: Diplomatic aide
Species: Minbari

Marcus Cole

Played by: Jason Carter
Rank: Leading member of the Rangers
Species: Human

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